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This is IT – I just know and have to believe this will never happen to our boy KitKat again!!!  Some of you may know that KitKat was once again returned (through no fault of his own!! His last people had really bad allergies and their doctor said it was from their new cat, KitKat so they returned him a few weeks ago).  You can imagine how important it was to us that this never happen again to this boy!!!  It was love at first sight for this young couple and they passed a most grueling test done by Danny before he felt assured that this was the right home for KitKat.  Danny said he was a little embarrassed because he couldn’t hold his tears back when KitKat was leaving to adoption center.  We all love this boy so very much!!  KitKat is sporting a new collar and Danny says he will have a nice large home to run and play in.    We hope and feel that this is the right home for him and he will lead a happy and healthy life with these folks.  We will miss him dearly and hope he will be so happy he will fit right in and be the center of their attention and love!!!  You can bet we will post the updates they send us!!!